Last day before new forest show

Ahhh soo exciting!!!
Having a morning tidy whilst trev is all ready sanding... sorry neighbours there's bottles of wine coming your way!

So it's the big day tomorrow, after 2 years of being closed, this wonderful event is back and bigger then ever, and they can't wait to open their doors again for all you lovely people. It's amazing seeing it all set up again, it's an event that our family has gone too every year, (this year may be the year i convince trev that we NEED chickens) a great family day out with so much to do and see you never go bored.

We can't wait to open for you all tomorrow and until then I'm just a big bundle of excited nerves waiting to show you all what we've created, or maybe it's the 3 cups of coffee I've had in the past hour... but I am pumped!

Now got to get back to it, 3 tables, 2 boards, 1 picture, 2 bowls, and 26 coasters to sand!

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