ShireFit Corby Collaboration

We have loved working alongside ShireFit Corby for the last few months creating their amazing new apparel collection.

We were given a brief of making ShireFit Corby apparel relevant to Corby, with this we started creating designs. Some designs made it, others made their way back to the drawing board to be tweaked and then finalised.

We created some amazing designs (if we do say so ourselves).

A ShireFit Corby coaches shirt featuring a kettle bell nose ring.

An apparel design for all the members at the gym. We actually gave them 3 amazing designs for their members to choose from, all inspired by the amazing city itself Corby.

For those of you that don't know Corby, it is famous for 2 things;

*The Steelworks that was one of the largest in Britain at the time,


*Little Scotland, it got its nickname Little Scotland from the amount of Scottish residence that flocked to Corby to work at the steelworks when it was in operation, once the steelworks closed most of the Scottish families stayed and became full time residence of Corby

This is what inspired the following three designs;

1. ShireFit Corby Steelworks - we took an iconic old photograph and transformed it into a beautiful classic design.
2. ShireFit Floral- we took a stunning Scottish floral design and incorporated it into ShireFit Corby's logo.

3. ShireFit Little Scotland- a bold blue Scottish tartan design that was incorporated into ShireFit Corby's logo.

These will be available at ShireFit Corby's Gym and also available on our website for those that missed the cut off date for ordering.

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