Winchester Arc Christmas market

So we had amazing day today, for a couple of reasons...

Firstly, because we met someone really special today, someone who we just got on with like a house on fire, Ria Mishaal from Arcana, what an amazing and truly talented lady! She sells amazing blankets and table linens (you can see in the photos here), and they are just to die for! They're all inspired by nature, (which as a forager we love), and she designs every piece herself! It was her first market today and she smashed it! Go check her out here and give her some love ❤️ 

We also had an amazing day (and slightly sad) we said goodbye to our amazing durdledoor today, an amazing lady fell in love with the piece and it was meant to be, fate one might say, as this amazing lady lived just outside of durdledoor! We hope the piece has a long and happy life in its new home!

We loved seeing you all and chatting to each of you about our amazing reads resin collection, thank you so much to all that came out to see us 

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