Durdledoor Bay Italian Olive wood & Epoxy Resin coffee table

Durdledoor Bay Italian Olive wood & Epoxy Resin coffee table


This stunning table was handmade by us in a beautiful Caribbean blue with different shades of blues within the resin.

It starts life as a rough sawn kiln dried piece of wood we buy from a timber yard in Chichester, we then bring it home and sand it until its beautifully smooth and remove all the bark. It's then time to square the wood up and cut down the middle, inverting the waney edge (the bark outside of the tree) onto the inside, creating a natural river effect. They get boxed up into our handmade boxes and clamped down, we mix up the best quality resin in the UK, glasscast, with our pigment colours and our mica glitters, and pour our river. This table required 3 pours with a cure time of 3 days per pour, after curing its time to pop it out of the box and take it out to be sanded, we take it up through 15 grits of sandpaper all the way to 2000, ensuring a luxurious soft finish. We apply a cutting compound and buff out the minute scratches. The table is then washed, and towel dried and liberally coated in a food sage mineral oil. Alternatively a mineral oil and beeswax finish can be applied to custom orders.

This piece is now sold, please get in contact if you would like a similar custom piece.

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