Big Blue

Big Blue


This stunning hand crafted charcuterie board is handmade by my husband and I in Hampshire, with locally sourced wood and British epoxy resin.

It all starts with a trip to see our local friendly waney edge dealer located in Hampshire, where we select only the most perfect pieces of wood for our boards. Its then a scenic drive home to get our wood back to the workshop to start the magic. 

Then depending on the state of the wood chosen its time to get to work, this particular piece started as a ruff cut piece of wood, (but we saw potential), we start by routing our pieces to get an all over flat finish and then the sanding starts. We start at an 80 grit and work our way up to 240grit for a nice soft finish. Then its time to choose our colours and if were going to add any embellishments or some glitter. Next up is the extensive mixing up of our epoxy, making sure that everything is precise to give that perfect finish. Once everything is poured and blow torched to get rid of those pesky bubbles its time to leave it to relax and cure for 7 days. It's then back into messy town with more routing and sanding from 60grit to 400grit. Finally its given a wash to get all the grit off and buffed up to perfection with our food safe mineral oil.
Its then lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap to securely wait for its new home.
This board comes with a FREE bottle of mineral oil to keep your board looking in top condition all year round.

We also take custom orders so if you do not see a colour or grain type that sets your soul a light, then please feel free to contact us so we can match you with your dream piece.

Please note this was sold at the New Forest Show, if you would like a piece similar please get in contact or purchase with the button above for a replica 

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