Refund Policy

You have 14 days from receiving your item from us to notify us if you would like to cancel your order, you will then have a following 14 days to return the item to us in perfect condition, unused for a full refund.

This unfortunately does not apply to our PERSONALISED AND CUSTOM ITEMS, as these have been customised to your exact needs we are unable to take refunds for these items , as this would cause a loss to us from being unable to resell the items. This does not include faulty items, of course if your item is faulty we will be more then happy to replace or refund your item once it has been returned, we shall ask for pictures before you return the item, although should we find out there is foul play we shall not refund. 

We unfortunately cannot offer refunds for the following - items you have bought knowing they were faulty, or if you have damaged an item by not following care instructions, or if you have damaged an item by trying to fix it or have someone else fix it.