Wedding Flower Preservation

Wedding Flower Preservation

if you are looking at this page you and your fiancé are well into the planning of your wedding, how exciting!

We are honoured that you are considering us, to preserve your wedding flowers, thank you for entrusting us to preserve your special memories.

In this article we will discuss the intracity of preserving your flowers, from the day of your marriage, to the day your piece is shipped out to you. 

First, comes the booking, we recommend that you book well in advance of your wedding, (6 months minimum) we have all ready starting taking bookings for next year, with this year currently looking very full. This is because we only allow a certain amount of clients per week, especially in busy season. This allows us to make sure we are taking the best care of your wedding flowers and nothing gets pushed to one side with an overwhelming workload. 

Please note you don’t need to be local for us to work together! Clients from across the country have overnighted their bouquets to me safely after following my specific shipping instructions. If you’re interested in mailing me your fresh bouquet, please contact me so we can discuss the process prior to your event!

And if you are getting married abroad that is not a problem either, we can supply you with everything you'll need to safely transport your flowers back from your destination wedding with no damage to your flowers, all while starting the drying process.

Once we have received your flowers, then we can get to work with drying and preserving your special flowers from your big day.

We start by carefully taking apart your bouquet stem by stem, then we immediately trim the stems and pop them into a specialist floristry solution full of minerals and nutrients intended for cut flowers. This allows the flowers to perk up, firming the stems and lifting the petals, once they have absorbed this solution, we can then take them out and start the drying process. 

Your flowers are then cut to size and arranged carefully in a specialist drying agent that we have created, to ensure an even slow dry, this means that the petals will keep their shape and your flowers will keep their colour. (Unlike a traditional air dried flower, that loses the majority of its original colour and shape.)

Once your flowers have been tucked in securely, they get sealed in an air tight container, allowing the drying process to take place, this can take anywhere from 5 days to 5 weeks depending on the flowers and foliage you have in your bouquet.
Once your flowers are dry, they are very carefully removed from our drying agent, and carefully stored until they are ready to be used. 

Please note, some flowers, especially deep red roses are likely to deepen in colour as they are drying, however, these will lighten slightly once placed in the resin fully.


Once the flowers have been dried, they are ready to be arranged within the mold of your choosing. When clients hire me, they are doing so because they have reviewed my portfolio and vibe with my design aesthetics. While I do not offer layout previews, my clients design aesthetic is taken into account via a questionnaire I send prior to permanently casting their flowers. Those that wish to be involved in the approval or modification of the final design may do so for an additional fee.


Once the flowers have been arranged, then we can begin with preserving them forever. This entails pouring many shallow layers of epoxy resin, to ensure that no petals are moved out of shape or destroy the integrity of the flowers. Each layer can take from 48-72 hours to cure, before pouring the next shallow layer. This process can take between 4 and 10 weeks depending on the size of the piece, the quantity of items ordered, and the processing of other simultaneous client orders.
Once your piece has its final layer cast, we then allow it to fully cure for a minimum of 4 days. 

After your piece has fully cured, we then move onto carefully sanding your piece. Depending on the type of piece you have chosen depends on whether it needs to be sanded or not. Some pieces require a small sanding and rounding of corners and then a flood coat, whereas the larger pieces such as our wood and resin pieces require sanding completely.

With our wood and resin pieces, we sand all the way from 60 grit to 3000 grit to ensure the best clarity and softness underhand. We then buff our pieces with a microfine cutting compound to ensure the micro-fine scratches are removed.

We then finish your piece by polishing with a specialist polishing compound, we have a vegan and beeswax finish to choose from.


Your piece/ pieces are then lovingly wrapped up with lots of bubble wrap and packaging peanuts and posted out to you with tracked signed postage. This ensures your piece gets to you safely, whilst you are able to track it all the way to your front door!

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